Welcome To Bordi Chikoo Festival

Take a ‘Chill Pill’ at the Chikoo Festival 

Each one of us deserves a break from our hectic schedules.  We are of the belief that, everyone should have fun? At the Chikoo Festival, 2017, we intend to provide you with fun filled activities, designed for the entire family. We provide various activities that kids and adults can enjoy. Enjoy participating and discover your hidden talents.

Discover the Artist within:

Learn the art of Warli painting, through local professionals or get your hands dirty or create your own little pot.

Apart from pottery and painting, there are a lot more artsy things to try around.

  • Kite Making and Bamboo Weaving

Locals conduct workshops on Kite making as well as bamboo weaving, which give you a chance to spend some time with your family, bonding over creative pursuits.

Dance with the folks

Sway your hips, to the tune of traditional folk songs while joining dancers in their act. Beat your feet to the rhythm of the “Tarpa” – the traditional instrument played during Warli folk dance and feel rejuvenated.

  • Build your own castle and find the treasure

Let lose your inhibitions and try building sand castles, participate in treasure hunts and win exciting prizes.

  • Ready – Get, Set, Go – Run for a cause

Participate in the famous Chikoo run, a marathon or walkathon designed as part of the “Save Farming” initiative.

  •  ‘Tete-a-tete’

Soak the sun on the beautiful beaches of Bordi or engage in a conversation with the Warli tribals or the villagers and know more about their customs and traditions

  • Chikoo Safari

Learn all about how Chikoos are cultivated while taking a stroll in the orchards, watching the Chikoos on the trees. Experience plucking chikoo using the traditional “Bedni” – used for plucking chikoos and washing the fruit in a unique manner. Don’t limit yourself just to chikoos discover a wide range of other fruits, vegetables and grains cultivation.

To add to all these, you have adventure sports, good wholesome food, local cuisines, handicrafts, stalls selling handmade decorative items and more to keep you entertained and busy throughout your stay with us.