Welcome To Bordi Chikoo Festival


Relax in the Beauty of Dahanu

Surrounded by the sea, the beaches at Dahanu-Bordi are clean and serene.  Apart from the beaches, the Aswali Dam is another place of attraction. The lush greenery and the farm life experience have always attracted tourists from around the nation.


Historical Significance:

Every city, town or region has a few tourist attraction places that gain the interest of frequent travellers. Bordi is a bit more than just another tourist destination. The place is historically as well as socially important, as this is the land where 92 freedom fighters of our nation were born. Once an undeveloped region, the town is now fully developed and boasts of a number of primary schools, three high schools, management institutes, as well as many employment opportunities.

Must visit beaches and destinations

The region is favourable to visit throughout the year. The most enchanting places in and around Dahanu are,

Dahanu-Bordi Beach

An idyllic beach, the beachfront stretches from Dahanu to Bordi there are a number of small beaches along the Dahanu-Bordi coastline. To add in to its exquisiteness, it has beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset and the fruit orchards that surround its edges. The perfect spot for beach lovers, who wish to have some space and time to themselves.

Chikoo Orchards

Learn about the plantation and farming of chikoo’s that are grown and found here in abundance. During the Chikoo festival that’s held in the month of January, one can enjoy many different activities and spend time in the habitat of this luscious fruit.

Aswali Dam

There are several dams in and around Bordi but Aswali happens to be the most attractive and eye catching dam in the vicinity and a favourite with tourists.


Kelva-Mahim are other nearby regions that can be experienced while on this trip. Here, one can find several hotels and resorts offering comfortable accommodation and good food. The beaches in these parts are a sight to behold.


Talasari – A small tehsil towards the north of Dahanu, that gives you glimpse in to the tribal culture. The area is covered by small hills, lush greenery and tribal mud huts.

Site Seeing: Enjoy the undiscovered beauty of Nature

  • Bahrot Caves

Bahrot caves are the only Parsi/Zoroastrian Cave temple in India. Bahrot caves are at a distance of   8 km from Bordi. The interesting facts about this caves are, that till date the holy fire is burning and is the most prominent devoted fire in the world.

  • Dahanu Fort

Dahanu Fort can be traced back to 400 years ago. When the Portuguese took over the west coast and divided the Thane region into two divisions. After independence the fort was converted into a Jail.  The fort is 38ft high with the width of 10ft. The best place to get back in history.

Ideal time to visit:

The region is favourable to visit throughout the year. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. Come explore Dhanu- Bordi with you family, peers and have never endless fun .