Welcome To Bordi Chikoo Festival

Pioneers & Committee Members

Mr. Prabhakar Save

The fore bearer of Chikoo Festival is Mr. Prabhakar Save. Closely involved with tourism development, Mr. Save is passionate about creating a difference in the region. He runs a successful Agro-Tourism venture called “Tarpa”, which is actively popularising farm tourism concept among farmers and nature loving urban population.

Mrs. Phiroza Tafti: Mrs. Phiroza Tafti is an environmental activist and closely works with the tribals to create awareness and preserve their cultural heritage. Mrs. Tafti is the convenor of INTACH and active member of Greenpeace, India. She personally conducts the “Tribal Village Tour” during the festival to ensure the smooth functioning of the festival.


Committee Members

The Chikoo Festival Committee has integrated in to Chikoo Country Entrepreneurship Development Trust. The trust comprises of local citizens involved in different professions gathered together for the cause of agro, food-processing and tourism based entrepreneurship development which shall help retain the environment haven that the region is.